You can cancel your JobFlo subscription at any time. We ask that you do so 3 or more days before the monthly or yearly subscription anniversary (the date your credit card will be again be charged the monthly or annual subscription fee). 

To cancel your subscription simply send us an email request. Please make sure to include your first and last names, company name and the email associated with your JobFlo account.

Send your request either directly to your JobFlo Account Manager or create a Support ticket.

1. Send an email directly to your JobFlo Account Manager. You can find your JobFlo Account Manager's name and email link at the bottom of any of the nightly reminder emails:

- Your open JobFlo position has no applicants
- Your position has new applicants
- Your position on JobFlo is expiring soon
- Your position has expired
Just about every email we send has a sentence at the bottom with the Account Manager's name and email link! Here's a sample:

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager, Mal Murphy.

The JobFlo Account Manager's name has a mailto: link. Clicking that link should open a new email message already addressed to your JobFlo Account Manager.

-- OR --

2. Create a Support ticket at the link below.