JobFlo has a responsibility to make sure that new accounts are legitimate. We need to ensure that anyone signing up for a JobFlo account is a real business or organization recruiting for real jobs. This is a manual process and can take up to 24 (or more!) hours. Here is how that process works from the client perspective:

  • A client signs up for a JobFlo account.
  • JobFlo automatically sends an email to the address entered to verify it was entered correctly and can receive emails.
  • The client clicks a link in this email to verify the email address.
  • The client can then create a single job listing. While creating this initial job listing the client will be prompted to enter Company Information like company address, website URL, and logo.
  • JobFlo will then, if appropriate, verify the account and send that single job listing to their job board partners.

Note1: Job boards have their own verification process! Even though your account was accepted by JobFlo, it may not be accepted by our job board partners. This is outside of JobFlo's control.

Note2: You will not be able to upgrade to a JobFlo Pro or Business account unless and until verified. You also will not be able to purchase a sponsored ad unless and until verified.

  • Once you see applicants in your JobFlo Smart Inbox, you can assume your account has been accepted by job boards. During the 15-day trial you may have up to 10 Active jobs, so at this point you can create additional job listings if your company needs to recruit those.