JobFlo automatically shares your jobs with our job board partners at no extra charge. Our board partners then index the jobs so that they can be found easily with a keyword and location search. Our board partners have posting guidelines that, if not followed, could cause jobs to be removed from the index. This removal could cover individual job listings, or whole company accounts within Jobflo or even in an extreme instance JobFlo itself.

We need to follow posting guidelines as closely as possible to avoid disruption and loss of applicant flow.

Below is a set of guidelines from our job board partners. We have added some comments of our own in red. Please note the closing paragraph stating “We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed...”.


The vast majority of companies whose jobs appear on our board provide quality job content for fair and verifiable opportunities. Our goal is to prepare all companies to recruit successfully on our board. The following guidelines will help you ensure that your jobs appear in our search results.

Do’s and Don’ts for Job Listings:

  1. Don’t use offensive content. Would a reasonable person consider any aspect of your listing inappropriate or offensive? If so, the visibility of your job may be affected.
  2. Unique job posting. Job boards only accepts unique job postings. This means that your job posting cannot be listed on job boards from any other source. You should not post the same job more than once.
  3. Location blasting. When you have a single position you are hiring for and you create multiple job postings in different geographic locations (city/state/region) for that single position, job boards consider this to be location blasting and will reject your postings. If you want to advertise a single position in multiple locations, you can list out the locations in which you are hiring right in the job description text..
  4. Specifics, not clickbait. Make your job title the name of the particular job as it might appear on a business card, with no extra information or eye-catching gimmicks. An example of a bad job title would be “Class A Driver - Home Weekends, $1000+ Weekly”. Do not include locations in your job title and make sure your job title is a standardized title that isn’t spammy. Job boards do not like to see locations in the job title since the location is already in the job posting via the city/state/country fields. For example, “Recruiter (Dallas, TX)” should just be “Recruiter.” Stay away from spammy job titles like “ EARN CASH – WORK FROM HOME .” Job descriptions should include the particulars a qualified candidate would search as well as other details you think are important.
  5. Don’t use job content that isn’t yours. Each job that appears on our board must be offered by an authorized representative of the company seeking to fill a position.
  6. ”Poor Quality” Job Description. Job boards main focus is on the job seeker and they make it their mission to provide job seekers with only unique, high quality jobs. As such, their Search Quality Team will reject any job postings that are too short or that they deem to be “poor quality.” You can find suggestions for crafting top notch job descriptions and titles in our blog here. Make sure to double and triple check spelling and punctuation!
  7. Offer a real job. Our board is a search engine for jobs. Non-job content--including spam, scams and other offers--will not be shown to job seekers.
  8. Don’t try to game the system. Like other search engines, our board uses algorithms to provide the freshest, most relevant content in response to searches. Listings that attempt to exploit these principles by reposting roles within a short timeframe or posting roles in more locations than the job is offered for increased visibility will not be accorded the same visibility to our users as jobs which we feel are more relevant.
  9. Tell the truth. Job seekers deserve to know the true details of your job, including its location, duties and whether the job is being offered by the hiring company or by a recruiter on the company’s behalf.
  10. Use our board to fill a job, not a pipeline. Our board is an invaluable tool for recruiters, but each posting should represent a real and currently available job. Attracting applicants for future possible matching opportunities is not an honest use of a posting. The JobFlo Search feature enables you to quickly find any applicant from a previous job listing in your JobFlo account. Your own past applicants can be your best pipeline!
  11. Don’t discriminate. Jobs on our board must be made available to qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender and sexual orientation. There may be specific exemptions for some kind of jobs, but you will need to show you fall into those exemptions.
  12. Pay reliably and fairly. Jobs that people find on our board should have hourly or salaried wages and may not cost the candidate anything to apply, interview and begin work.
  13. Make application accessible and transparent. Job seekers should not have to navigate through complicated steps to begin the application process.
  14. Treat candidates with respect. Applicants should hear back from companies to which they apply and if they are invited to interview, they should be updated on their status in/at reasonable intervals. Most importantly, the privacy of the job seeker is paramount and information you get in the application process should be safeguarded.

These guidelines are meant to help companies understand what kind of jobs can appear in job seeker search results. Please note: We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and, as stated in our terms of service, we always retain the right to undertake such a removal if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.