You applied for a job online and got an email inviting you to take part in a video interview. If you haven't done this before you probably have questions about the process.

JobFlo Video Interviewing enables employers and applicants to conduct an interview at a convenient time for both parties. You, the applicant, complete the interview when you can and the employers review completed interviews when they can. This eliminates time spent scheduling interviews and the back-and-forth negotiation that process requires.

JobFlo Video Interviews have onscreen instructions for every step, so you could easily complete the interview by simply clicking the link in the invitation email and proceeding. The steps and hints below should help you feel more confident that you can record your best interview.

1. The first thing to understand as a job candidate is that this is a real interview. Your employer will be able to see you so you should dress and groom yourself appropriately.

  • If possible, the camera should capture your head and shoulders against a solid background.
  • You should maintain eye contact by looking directly at the camera.
  • You need to speak clearly and concisely.
  • You will be given a chance to practice answering and see how your recorded answer looks and sounds. Take advantage of this practice opportunity to make sure you look and sound your best.

Here are 10 tips for video job interviews. Take some time to read and consider these tips.

2. Now that you are ready for the interview, let's make sure your computer and webcam are ready.

Check to make sure you have version 11 or higher of Adobe Flash by clicking here. Adobe will check your system and display your Adobe Flash version on the screen. If you need to download/install or upgrade Adobe Flash you can do that here.

Adjust your webcam Video and Audio. External (USB) webcams usually have a widget to let you control audio and video (like zoom on the camera). You can find information on the website of your webcam manufacturer like: Logitech, Microsoft Lifecam, Creative, or Tecknet.

If you have Skype installed you can use their widget to adjust settings

Skype-> Tools -> Options -> Video Settings -> Webcam Settings

Skype-> Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings

3. Start your interview by clicking the link in the email sent by the employer. Although each interview step has onscreen instructions, here are some tips and hints:

  • If you get an "Error loading player: No playable sources found" message, it's because Adobe Flash Player is not set up in that browser. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded here.
  • Make sure to click Select Allow, Remember and Close when you get to the Adobe Flash Player Settings screen. If you do not select Allow a Webcam Error will display and a Try Again button will appear.
  • You can have up to 3 practice sessions (click the Re-record button to try another practice). Practice sessions are the time to adjust your webcam as they allow you to see how you look and sound to your prospective employer.
  • You can make your interview look even smoother if you can click the Done button without moving your eyes from the camera to look at the screen. The Done button will appear in the same screen location as the Record Answer button. Use your Practice sessions to get the hang of this. It's easy!