When you create a new job posting in JobFlo the system automatically creates 2 unique links to that job: Applicant Sharing and Craigslist.

1. The Applicant Sharing link is used to advertise your job through social media. When you use the sharing features under the Job Posting tab JobFlo automatically embeds this unique URL in that share. Detailed instructions for using the JobFlo social sharing feature are linked here.

  • When a candidate clicks on that link a View will be recorded for Applicant Sharing.
  • When a candidate applies on that link an Applicant will be recorded for Applicant Sharing.

This helps you to understand how effective advertising via social sharing has been for this specific job.

If you want to share the job by email or other social means outside of those available on the Job Posting page, you can copy and paste that URL into those sharing messages. Candidates views and applies will be tracked as above.

2. The CraigsList link is used to advertise your job through that popular online service. Detailed instructions are linked here.

3. You can create new links to use on other job boards or online resources by following detailed instructions here.

NOTE: If you are not going to use the JobFlo Hosting Widget, but are going to link to JobFlo listings on your company's careers page, you should create a separate Careers Page URL for each job. The process is the same as noted in item 3 above.