Note: The Video Interviewing feature is only available to JobFlo Business Edition clients.

Video interviews can help you compress the recruiting cycle by enabling an on-demand interview that fits the schedule of both the applicant and the recruiter. All the applicant needs is a computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone. The applicant answers your video questions whenever s/he has time and you view the answers within JobFlo whenever you have time.
  • You can select from 40 professionally recorded questions or you can record your own questions.
  • You can use JobFlo's pre-assembled playlists or you can assemble your own playlists from the available video questions.
  • You can manually invite applicants to a video interview after reading the resume, or you can automatically invite every applicant to a video interview by putting a link in the autoresponse email.
  • You can view applicant interview responses on the embedded video player linked to the Applicant Details Page.

This enables the employer to get specific information about the applicant that may not be in the resume and to get a feel for the applicant's verbal communication style and ability - critical for jobs such as Inside Sales or Customer Support.

Setting Up Video Interviews

Send Video Interview Invitation

Review Completed Video Interviews

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