You have created a professional looking job posting and are now ready to advertise it. But have you really constructed an effective job posting that will be found by your target audience and will convince them to apply? Here are some hints for crafting the best possible job posting.

The Key Two Questions to Answer Before Any Recruiting Project

It’s always challenging to hire top talent in any industry, regardless of the state of the economy.  Before starting any recruiting project you need to be able to answer two questions that will be key to successfully filling your open positions. More...

The Four Components of a Great Job Posting

Your job posting is as an advertisement for both your open position and your company. While online job boards guide you through the basics of entering job title, location, requirements and duties, they won’t help you author a compelling description of why top talent would want to leave their current company and interview for your opening. More...

Get More Qualified Candidates – for Free!

No matter how well written or well formatted your job posting is, you will not be getting any applicants unless job seekers find your posting.  Almost all of your applicants will find your online posting by one of the following:

  • a direct search on a job search engine
  • a search on a general search site such as Google
  • viewing content on a network partner of a job search engine

Optimizing your job postings for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will enable more candidates to find your openings. More...